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The Morinda Citrifolia, also known as Noni or devil fruit, is a plant native to Indonesia and the islands of the South Pacific, where it grows wild on volcanic terraces near the sea. In the wild it can reach five meters and blooms and fruits throughout the year.

Indigenous peoples have made intensive use of noni properties for over 2,000 years. It has served as food, especially during periods of famine when fishing or other food was scarce; of its bark and roots are extracted dyes and, above all, has been used traditionally to develop remedies against a large number of sickness and diseases.

So far, all of the noni consumed worldwide came from different parts of the South Pacific, since the special conditions that the plant needed, made its cultivation very complicated in other areas of the planet.

In Brahmavitta we have found in Tenerife the ideal conditions for noni to grow in conditions almost identical to their natural habitat: fertile volcanic lands, proximity to the sea, high environmental humidity, a saline environment and warm temperatures throughout the year.

That is why we have become the first noni producers 100% European. In addition, as we process the fruit on the farm itself, we can offer you a pure juice that retains all the properties of noni naturally and ecologically.

Noni properties
Medicinal Uses, Noni Properties


The villages of the South Pacific have used for thousands of years all parts of the plant, but perhaps the most significant and which has come to us, has been the medicinal. These unique properties of the Morinda Citrifolia are responsible for the fact that, in some areas, it is considered a sacred plant.

Traditionally it has been used to treat a large number of ailments and diseases. Although perhaps the most widespread is the treatment of stomach and gastrointestinal conditions, for which it was recommended to consume the pulp or juice of the fruit., roasted seeds or infusions of leaves or roots were also taken to treat a wide range of disorders, from rheumatism or arthritis to bronchitis.

Fruit pulp and crushed leaves have also been used, as a plaster, to treat skin problems or to expel mucus from the breast. In some villages, man's virility and the fertility of women were considered to increase.

Studies currently underway on the properties of noni are helping to establish a scientific basis for these traditional uses. Its potent antioxidant action, its high content in certain vitamins, its concentration of potassium or other minerals such as zinc, and the concentrations of scopoletin, xeronine and damnacantal, explain in part the "magic" properties that were attributed to this plant.


These same studies help us to understand better the effect of noni in our body. Taken as a food supplement,and never as a substitute for the treatments that medical professionals have prescribed, noni juice provides vitamins and nutrients that can help us lead a healthier life and strengthen our immune system in a natural way.

· Noni juice has a high concentration of Vitamin C that, in addition to its antioxidant action for the cells of the organism, helps the body assimilate iron and the production of collagen.

· Scopoletin helps regulate blood pressure, as well as having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action.

· Potassium helps to maintain a correct hydration, and intervenes in the formation of the musculature, the nervous system and promotes cellular development.

· Octanoic acid (or caprylic acid) is a natural antibacterial and antifungal.

· linoleic acid helps to decrease body fat and increase muscle mass. In addition, there are studies that associate it with the control of bad cholesterol and elevated blood glucose levels.

· Noni juice is a natural source of damnacantal, a powerful natural anticancer that is already being used, synthesized, in the treatment of certain tumors.

Do you want to know what other properties noni has and how it can help you to have a healthier life? Visit our blog regularly and we will keep you up to date on everything.

Vitamins and properties of noni juice



Noni properties
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Noni properties
Learn more about noni, what it is, traditional uses, what properties it has and how it can help you to have better health
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