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Questions about noni

FAQ about noni

What is Noni?

Noni is the Hawaiian name for the Morinda Citrifolia. You can also find it with other names, like guanábana, fruit of the devil or Indian mulberry. The leaves, roots and seeds of the Morinda are used and, of course, the fruit from which the juice is extracted.

Noni juice has been used for thousands of years to treat numerous diseases because of the special concentrations of compounds that the fruit has, and that makes it unique in nature. If you want to know what traditional uses it had and what benefits it has for your health, we recommend you read the noni properties.

Why should I take noni?

Basically, because it strengthens your immune system and helps you to improve your defenses and have better health. The different components that are found naturally in the noni make it a unique fruit: Its special concentration of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and natural sterols make it a powerful antioxidant, has antibacterial properties, helps regulate tension, helps control cholesterol, contributes to cell regeneration ...

The daily intake of noni juice ensures a regular supply of many of the elements and nutrients your body needs to have a stronger health.

How should I take my Nonishots?

The recommended daily amount is 30ml of noni juice, which is equivalent to two daily caps of Nonishots. Each bottle is accompanied by a measuring cap on the cap. We recommend taking two shots (caps) in the morning, fasting, so that the body assimilates better the natural principles of juice.

Due to its intense flavor, you can take a fruit juice to accompany it. It is not recommended to take directly with milk or milkshakes, because dairy foods would block some of the absorption of vitamins and minerals from noni juice.

Fifteen minutes later you can have breakfast as usual.

How long should I take my Nonishots to notice its effects?

Noni juice begins to take effect from the first intake, but its visible effects on your health are cumulative and it will take you to notice a bit longer. To see results in analytics or notice a visible improvement in your health we recommend you take it during three months.

To maintain its effects and a strong and healthy immune system, taking noni juice should become a custom. You will be surprised to discover how well you feel in many ways.

Can Noni Juice replace my medication?

Never. Noni is a natural fruit, not a medicine. We firmly believe that noni juice can have huge benefits in your health, but it is not miraculous and should never replace the medication your doctor prescribed. You can tell your doctor and take noni juice as a natural boost to your medical treatment.

In some cases it has been documented that patients undergoing chemotherapy, lupus or degenerative diseases have had a better quality of life or a faster recovery when they have accompanied their treatment with pure noni juice, but you should never give up the treatment that has been recommended by a medical professional.

Does noni juice have contraindications?

Noni juice has no contraindications. It is admitted without restriction by the European sanitary authorities. However, it is advisable to take into account its composition to know if it can have repercussion in some previous pathology. For example, the amount of potassium or sodium in noni juice, which is very beneficial to healthy people and sportsmen, should be taken into account by chronic kidney patients who are banned from eating other fruits and vegetables, such as banana or broccoli.

When do my Nonishots expire?

Being pure noni juice, without preservatives of any kind, we have set a one year short expiration date for our Nonishots. It is a measure to ensure the freshness of the product and that reaches you with all its properties. You should not worry if there are only a few months left to arrive at the date on the package, as long as its within the date. We microfiltrate Nonishots so that they do not have impurities and totally eliminates the bacteria or microorganisms that the fruit could have, so there can be no microbial action that degenerates the juice or that can affect your health. After the microfiltration we pack it directly into PET bottles that protect it from sunlight and air.

In addition, we have divided the liter into two half-liter bottles, equivalent to the 15-day shots, so that the other half liter remains closed and in perfect state of preservation.

How do I keep my Nonishots?

All our packs come in half-liter PET bottles, which protect noni juice from the action of sunlight and air. Still, it is advisable to keep bottles that you have not opened in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. A pantry or closet in your kitchen away from heat sources is enough. Once the bottle is opened, always keep it closed and in the beverage area of ​​your refrigerator.

By following these simple tips you will always have your Nonishots fresh and with all their properties.

What does noni juice taste like?

We're not going to fool you, noni juice does not taste good, but its health benefits far outweigh the taste. With our microfiltration process, we make it taste less strong than other pasteurized noni juices, but it still has the natural smell of the fruit.

To minimize the taste, we recommend taking it with a fruit juice. Those of red fruits, apple or grape mask quite well the taste of noni. For your body to assimilate the largest amount of noni juice components, do not take it with milkshakes, milk or dairy compounds.

Usually, people get used to the taste in a short time. In case you do not get used to it, we recommend you look for your favorite mix and be constant in taking your Nonishots to benefit from noni properties.

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